Original Lidka Schuch's Art on Apparel, Home Décor and Tech Accessories: dresses, tops, mini skirts, yoga pants, T-shirts, sweatshirts, socks, leggings, pillows, curtains, towels, rugs, phone and laptop cases, totes, greeting cards, notebooks and more!

Known for her creative, artistic flare and playful, painterly hand, Lidka Schuch’s designs are chic, fashionable and fun – everything from brilliant florals to modern graphics. Her technique combines photography, painting and illustration into images that blend seamlessly with fashion styles and lifestyles.


Heather Hodgman, writer, marketer and Lidka's long-time friend and colleague, adds her own creative zen vision and fashion power.


The pair’s influences continue to defy convention in the new world of self-expression.

Black Eyed Susans in Blue and Pink palette by Lidka Schuch


Heather Hodgman, writer, marketer and Lidka's long-time friend and colleague
Lidka Schuch in the Carribean Islands

Lidka always had an intense desire to create art. In Poland, where she grew up, her palette was photography, oil painting and jewelry design. Travel to places brimming with fine art and culture only fueled her passions.


After coming to Canada, she found a new canvas, hand-painted and screen  printed art on clothing, and together with Heather, she created the Queen of Hearts line of wearable art.


Then digital art exploded onto the scene with its infinite array of possibilities in visual communications …


… For several years to come Lidka designed, illustrated, taught, and wrote about digital graphics, becoming an expert in all of the above. Yet never for a moment did she stop drawing and photographing, using her artwork in many of her graphic and training projects, or doing it just for pure fun.


Recently, excited about the opportunities that portals like Society6Red Bubble and RageOn! bring to artists worldwide, Lidka partnered with Heather once again to create a lifestyle brand.


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Lidka & Heather

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